Centro Educativo Austríaco Maxeño (CEAM), an elementary school founded by the Austrian Guatemalan Institute (IAG), provides bilingual and bi-cultural education for the local K'iche'-speaking population. FBTB supports literacy in this school by partnering with IAG's Amigos volunteer program. Recent approval from the government has allowed CEAM to extend course offerings to middle school-aged children. Since most Mayan schools in Guatemala have no books at all, students here are delighted with their growing library of literature, both fiction and non-fiction. Additionally, FBTB has provided the fourth through sixth grades with class sets of math and language arts text books...Guatemalan approved texts that are culturally relevant to these indigenous students. Though remote and at the end of a long, rocky road, an FBTB visit to CEAM is a memorable event - complete with thankful speeches, folk dances, gifts of hand-woven textiles, and children reading from their favorite books.