Biblioteca Paraíso del Niño serves as the youth creativity and inspiration hot-spot in El Fortín. Many children dub this library their "second home" and eagerly arrive after school to study, read stories and put puzzles together with friends. Prior to its creation in 2009, El Fortín safeguarded a few dozen unusable books. Today citizens access more than 500 children's books, both fiction and nonfiction. Under the direction of a women's cooperative, community leaders manage this library and declare that it operates "perfectly". 

Though many still live in extreme poverty, El Fortín is known for the incredible progress it has made in the last several years. Seeking help from a Nicaraguan women's cooperative, provinces in Spain and France and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire the town now enjoys potable water, a sewage system, a bakery, a bridge and standardized housing. Our growing library plays a crucial role in its journey towards literacy and a brighter future.