Children cannot read to learn where there is no access to books.  In countless under-served communities children may learn to read from a school blackboard, but without books cannot acquire the literacy skills necessary to reach their intellectual potential.  There are no books at home and libraries do not exist.  Career choices are few and futures are bleak.


From Books to Brilliance creates lending libraries and reading initiatives in impoverished, rural communities. Aligned to villages' specific requests, FBTB volunteers purchase all resources in the target countries.  Therefore, we are able to provide culturally appropriate books and educational materials, as well as strengthen local economies.  We create spaces where citizens go to read, study, recreate and plan for their future.


From Books to Brilliance works diligently with local partners to sustain and grow these  libraries. By providing resources that meet the unique needs of their citizens, FBTB libraries will serve ever-growing populations well into the future, educating citizens and edifying communities.


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Some Latin American communities may have the resources to learn to read, but do not have the resources to read to learn.

Our Projects and Libraries

FBTB is dedicated to rural communities in Nicaragua, Guatemala and rural United States. These are communities that previously had little to no access to books. Without fluent literacy and educational opportunity, entire communities can be left behind...for generations.

FBTB lending libraries are sanctuaries where children and community members can come, read, study and dream. They foster the love of books and learning, and the power of knowledge.

From Books to Brilliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.




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